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Access Free Airdrops on Satoshi App


What is Satoshi App?

Trusted by over 16 million users globally, Satoshi App is your one-stop platform for airdrops and minings. We discover cutting-edge blockchain projects. By joining us, you can seize the opportunities to become an early adopter, securing their tokens for free before they hit the market.


Total verified users


Total value airdropped*

170 USDT

Average airdrop gain per user*

*The calculation is based on the price of $CORE as of May 30, 2024.

Featured airdrops



As one of the largest token launches in cryptocurrency history, we partnered with the layer 1 Bitcon-powered blockchain Core to airdrop its tokens to 2 million users.



OpenEX is a pioneering layer 2 network, revolutionizing trading protocols and providing the best trading experience. We are part of the movement by facilitating the distribution of 1 billion tokens to the community.



$BWB is the ecosystem token of Bitget Wallet, a world-leading Web3 wallet with over 20 million users. Our users got the privileges to claim a total of 200K BWB Points for $BWB conversion.



Glyph Exchange stands as the premier DEX for Bitcoin DeFi & Inscription-Fi on the Core blockchain. We take pride in our distinction as the sole platform for $OG airdrop.

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Seeking a top-notch airdrop platform connecting to an expansive network of over 16 million crypto enthusiasts? Get in touch with us today.

Got questions?

What product does Satoshi App provide?

Satoshi App is the world's top free airdrop platform, uniquely positioned in the cryptocurrency space with a vast community of over 16 million users.  

We serve as a bridge connecting high-quality blockchain projects with a massive audience, offering users the opportunity to discover and receive token airdrops from established web3 projects. Users also have the option to team up to mine together. 

You can also check the latest prices of cryptocurrencies, learn about new and popular tokens, see rankings, and all of these are right in the app.

Where is Satoshi App based?

Founded in 2020, Satoshi App has a global team presence and currently operates without a physical headquarters.

How do I claim tokens on Satoshi App?

Download our app on Google Play, or download the android apk version. Then follow the instructions of the corresponding airdrop campaign. The iOS version will be available on the Apple Store soon.

How do I withdraw tokens from Satoshi App?

The withdrawals start when the airdrop ends. You need to link your withdrawal address and enter your fund password. For details, please refer to the step-by-step guideline of the corresponding airdrop campaign.

Why isn't my withdrawal showing up in the exchange?

To withdraw coins to the exchange, please be aware of the exchange's required minimum deposit amount to prevent transaction failure. Each exchange has a minimum deposit limit. If the amount of deposit does not reach the standard (see the minimum amount of deposit on the relevant exchange page for details), the exchange will fail to process the transaction, resulting in the direct confiscation of your deposit.

To users who have already initiated the withdrawal, if the amount of coins is too small, please go to the withdrawal details page to cancel the withdrawal.

It is recommended that users withdraw the coins to their decentralized wallet.